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1. Types of Grow Flow projects

At Surfer, we define two kinds of domains: low-impression and high-impression - and the way the location selector works differs depending on the size of the domain.

A low-impression domain is fairly new and is not making too much traffic yet. More specifically, a domain is considered low-impression at Surfer if it makes less than 100 impressions per day.

High-impression domains, on the other hand, are the ones that are making at least 100 impressions per day in at least one location (i.e., United States, Poland).

How does that affect the way the manual location selector works, then? Well - the difference is quite significant!

2. Location selector for high-impression domains

When connecting a high-impression domain to Grow Flow, Surfer will present you with a list of locations where your domain is already making 100 impressions daily. So instead of scrolling through a long list, you will only see the locations that are already generating high traffic for your website!

So let's say that your domain is making around 520 impressions per day. 200 in Poland, 300 in the US, and 20 in Japan. In this case, on your list, you will only see Poland or the US as available markets to target.

If your domain has 100 impressions per day in general, but not for one specific location, Surfer will pull only one location - the one that is making the most impressions for your page.

3. Location selector for low-impression domains

When connecting your low-impression domain to Grow Flow, you are given the option to choose any location (country) from the list.


Q: Can I change the location once connected?

A: Yes - with Support's assistance, the targeted location of your project can be changed.

Q: Can I connect the same domain with a few different locations?

A: No, only one project can be active for a specific domain at a time, with one target market selected. If you want to spend some time optimizing towards a different location than the currently chosen one, reach out to Support for assistance!

Q: Can I optimize my high-impression domain for a low-impression location?

A: No, once the domain hits 100 impressions per day and qualifies for the full Grow Flow, it can only be connected to the locations it generates high traffic for.

Is something still not clear? Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team to get the answers!

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