Do the provided GF keyword suggestions appear not to meet your needs? Do not worry, we have good news for you. You can now add a custom Keyword in GF.

After shuffling GF Write and Publish Article (WAPA) tasks 5 times, you will now be able to choose your own keyword. You will get one WAPA task immediately and the whole batch of tasks will be generated in the background.

After shuffling the tasks 5 times, you will be presented with the below POP-UP.

After entering your desired keyword, hit enter to proceed to create a Content Editor article.

Great! Your future "write article" tasks should now cover more topics related to your entered keyword.

Q. I am currently on the free $0 plan, can I still shuffle topics?

A. Yes, you can shuffle the topics a few times. There is a limited number of topics, so after shuffling a few times, you will see the same suggestions again. If you do not get any relevant suggestions, you may need to reconsider the main keyword input upon connecting your domain.

Q. Is the custom keyword input after shuffling topics available for both versions of Grow flow for small domains and full paid Grow Flow for large domains?
A. No, you will get the custom keyword input if you are in the Grow Flow version for large domains

Q. What is the difference between the Grow Flow on the free $0 subscription and the paid Surfer subscription?

A. The free $0 plan allows you to connect your small domains and grow them with unlimited content suggestion tasks until they are ready for the full experience. With a paid subscription, you can connect both small and large domains(those averaging at least 100 impressions daily)

Q. I have been shuffling topics countless times and am not getting the prompt to input a custom keyword, what do I do?
A. You are likely on the free $0 plan, please contact support for further assistance. We will assist disconnect your domain, then you can target a different main keyword.

Got any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team to get the answers :)

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