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You asked for it, and we delivered!

The Plagiarism Checker is a feature that helps Surfer to keep our promise of making your SEO experiences even easier.

Thanks to this, you can now run full and in-depth plagiarism checks on your content within the Content Editor!

How to run a plagiarism check

  1. Open a Content Editor draft with more than 50% of the suggested word count. It will only run for drafts with this percentage!

  2. Open the “Tools” Menu and select “ Run Plagiarism Checker”

  3. Wait for the magic to happen and see the progress through the loader

  4. You will see the results on the right pane.

  5. If there is any plagiarism detected, the plagiarised paragraphs will be highlighted in red

  6. You can also navigate between plagiarised paragraphs using the “Previous” and “Next” tabs

  7. Make edits on highlighted paragraphs to remove plagiarism or “Ignore this plagiarism”

  8. After making edits on all changes, “Mark content as done” or close the plagiarism checker

  9. Wait 10 minutes to run another check. The checker also counts down to the next available scan.


Where do we look for exact matches?

We use our own analysis to check for duplicated content on the SERPs.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can run a plagiarism check?

Not at all! You can run as many plagiarism checkers as you want, but you need to wait 10 minutes between running new checks.

How do you calculate the plagiarism score?

That is the number of plagiarised words divided by the total words in your content. This, however, doesn’t include alt texts and headings.

Why does Surfer count plagiarised sentences and paragraphs differently?

A paragraph match is when the whole paragraph was plagiarised. A paragraph may consist of multiple sentences or just a single one. A sentence match is when a sentence that is a part of a larger paragraph was plagiarised, but not the whole paragraph.

I fixed my paragraph, but it appeared again when I ran a second check.

When fixing plagiarised paragraphs, it’s enough to change one letter for us to consider it “fixed” as we don’t run the checker each time you change something. But on the next checker run, those matches will be shown again. For best results, consider making the fixes to paragraphs as a whole before running the next check.

Is it available on integrations/shareable links?

At the moment, the Plagiarism checker is also available in shareable links but not integrations like Google Docs and Jasper. Also, when multiple people are editing a Content Editor at the same time, the checker will be unavailable.

How accurate is Surfer’s Plagiarism Checker compared to other checkers in the market?

Different tools use different methods to analyze plagiarism, so we use our own unique analysis as well.

Why does the Plagiarism Checker say that I don’t have enough copy?

Surfer needs at least 50% of the total suggested word count in the guidelines to be able to run a plagiarism check successfully. We need enough copy that we can compare with duplicates on the SERPs.

Will you introduce unique paragraph suggestions?

That’s the plan for the future!

Can I exclude my URL from coming up as a plagiarised source?

As long as your page is published online, Surfer would bring it up as a source. You can, however "Ignore" the plagiarism suggestions from your site, and they won't be counted in the plagiarism score.

Is the Plagiarism checker free?

Yes. It is available to all active content editors for free.

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