You might know our Grow Flow as the tool that can give you an automated, weekly list of biggest-impact, yet low-effort, tasks to grow and optimise your domains.

For a few weeks, we were discussing possibilities for the users with small websites who couldn't receive proper tasks due to the limitations of 100 impressions per day. In short, if the site was below this threshold, we did not have enough meaningful data to make recommendations.

That, however, changes with the most recent update! Below you will find:

  1. How does free Grow Flow for small domains work?

  2. What are the main differences between standard and free Grow Flow?

  3. What happens after your site grows big enough?

  4. FAQ

How does free Grow Flow for small domains work?

This is a new Grow Flow feature that will allow users with small domains to grow and post new content. If you weren't able to pass the minimum threshold before, this update is for you!

Besides domains which qualify for a full flow of tasks, you will now see a new section with free domains.

Let's see how you can use it to your advantage, shall we?

  1. Chose your domain from the list of early-stage websites.

  2. Enter the main keyword you want to rank for and select a location from the list.

  3. Open your Grow Flow project and review the prepared article task. Don't hesitate to shuffle the topics to find the most interesting ones!

  4. Click START and wait for the Editor to load.

  5. Soon, you will be able to open it and work on your text.

  6. Don't forget to Mark your draft as Published to get another task!

What are the main differences between standard and free Grow Flow?

  • Impressions and tasks

    Only users who have more than 100 impressions per day can receive the full flow of tasks in Grow Flow. These include: adding missing keywords, adding internal links, reviewing competitors' backlinks and publishing a new article.

    Free Grow Flow for small domains is focusing on early-stage sites that don't reach this level yet. It will provide you with the last task: writing an article based on your selected keyword and location.

  • .Weekly updates
    Standard Grow Flow provides you with new tasks each week, while free Grow Flow allows you to write as many articles as possible until you will met the threshold. After publishing one article, you will get new suggestions for another one right away.

What happens after your site grows big enough?

If you continue to publish new articles and finally, your site will pass the limit, you will be able to convert your domain into standard Grow Flow projects with 3 other tasks renewing each week.

If you have an active subscription, you can use one of the available domain slots to convert the free domain to the full Grow Flow project. And if you have already used all available slots, you can always add this domain by purchasing an Add-on.


Q: I know it says "free",... but do I need to pay anything?
A: Nope, it’s completely free. It also doesn't cost any Content Editor credits.

Q: How can I change the keyword for the task?
A: You won't be able to change the keyword yourself once entered, but don't hesitate to contact the Support Team for further assistance!

Q: Is there a limit to how many free domains can be added?
A: No!

Got any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team to get the answers :)

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