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See the impact of your work using our reports feature for your Grow Flow project

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How to access the reports

If your report has already been generated, you can access your report through the Grow Flow dashboard for any given project:

When will be the first report generated

The first report will be available approximately two weeks after completing your first task for the project. Then, it will be updated on a weekly basis.

How to interpret the data

Surfer will then present you with the total gains you got since:

  1. Adding your domain to Surfer,

  2. Completing individual tasks.

The baseline for your domain reports is the results you got since adding your domain, and the baseline for individual tasks is calculated based on the day the task was completed.

We want to be straightforward and present you with the number of clicks & impressions you’ve got since adding the domain or completing the task.

We calculate the total amounts of impressions or clicks gained in order for you to easily judge how much Surfer has helped you in your SEO journey.

Please keep in mind that we do not track your entire domain. We only track URLs that were in tasks that you marked as done or published.

What’s the difference between Surfer’s report and Google Search Console

Surfer relies on the data from your Google Search Console, but our reports are built around gains, whereas the GSC is based on your growth.

Google Search Console is a great tool for tracking your rankings or day-by-day performance. Surfer reports do not aim to replace your GSC charts, and we encourage you to use both concurrently to have the most detailed insight.

My report shows 0 clicks / 0 impressions / my purple chart is flat

Since we count gains - 0 would represent no further improvement compared to the article's performance before the task completion.

There are, however few technical reasons why it might be shown:

  • Google did not yet share with us the relevant GSC data for that particular task (it should change within two weekly report refreshes)

  • Google did not re-crawl your page yet, so rankings don't reflect the optimizations made, and therefore, no additional impressions/clicks were gained.

  • Google introduced an algorithm update that caused overall rankings loss, and content needs to be reoptimized.

  • The article in question is in a very competitive niche, which makes it hard to rank high in search results for any smaller domain or for one with no topical authority.

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