Writer's Directory 2.0 – Important information
We’ve got fantastic news! At the beginning of May 2022, Surfer’s releasing a new-and-improved version of its Writers Directory!
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You asked, we listened: Enhanced Functionality

Surfer users expect and deserve high-quality tools and services. We’ve decided to not only refresh the visual aspects of the Directory, but improve overall usability, too!

The new enhancements include:

For Writers:

  • Profile page

  • Certification badges

  • Feature your personal writing portfolio

For Clients:

  • Filtering and sorting by certificates, language, and other variables

  • Access to manually verified writers only

Transition Period

We understand that transitioning takes time. Here’s your friendly heads-up! The new site goes live in a month!

May 2022 (beginning of the month), to be precise. Mark your calendar, folks!

Important Information:

  • If you DO NOT want to be listed as a writer for hire, you don’t have to do anything. All of the writers that don’t take any action will be removed automatically.

  • If you DO WANT to be included in the new version of Surfer’s Writers Directory, then keep reading, and follow the necessary steps.

Necessary Steps for Writers listed on new Directory

  • Fill out the form—> HERE.

  • Add all of the required information, including a link to your Surfer Certificate.

If you don’t have the Surfer Certificate yet, you can pass the official exam right away or start with watching SEO Writing Masterclass.

Learn more about the Surfer Certification program here.

We will be verifying and adding new writers only once a month, on the 1st week, so if you don’t make it this go-round, keep an eye out for the next opportunity!

The change starts today

Dear Writers, we hope that these enhancements will help you better connect with potential clients!

Dear Clients, we hope these changes will make your experience using the Writers Directory more enjoyable and effective!

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