In this article, you will learn why you’re not able to access Grow Flow after logging in with Google.

  1. Websites not found

  2. Size requirements

  3. No tasks

1. Websites not found

Most likely, you’re missing necessary permissions for Google Search Console.

It would be best to reconnect your Google Search Console first to ensure you’ve given Surfer all the necessary permissions. Even if you had your Google Search Console connected previously, we recommend reconnecting it again to ensure the connection established is fresh.

  1. Click on the arrow next to the Surfer logo and choose “Google Search Console Integration” from the dropdown.

  2. You’ll then see a page with your Google account information.

  3. Select “Disconnect account” and use the “Sign in with Google” button to connect your Google Search Console again.

  4. Make sure to check the last box and give Surfer proper permissions.

5. Voilà! You should now be able to use Grow Flow without any problems :)

2. Size requirements

Grow Flow relies on algorithms to provide you with the most accurate suggestions. We need data to feed our calculations, and therefore the minimum size of your page has to be roughly 100 impressions/day.

If you’re still unable to use Grow Flow, your website might not be connected to Google Search Console. No worries! You can add it using this guide.

3. No tasks

There can be a case when even after connecting your domain to Grow Flow, you still won't be able to get tasks. Spoiler alert... it could be the location.

The country and language in Grow Flow are determined automatically based on the location in which you have the most visibility. It can happen that the domain has enough impressions in general (so it can be added to Grow Flow) but not enough for an automatically selected location. If we cannot find the data when fetching details from your Console, no tasks can be created.

Remember, in order for Grow Flow to give meaningful tasks and suggestions, your domain must have a large enough number of impressions and visits.

That being said, we are already working on the location selector for our Grow Flow! If you are unsure if that happens on your project, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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