How can I add my URL for comparison?
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Do you need to compare your page’s metrics and ranking factors with other URLs in the top SERPs? Our SERP Analyzer tool can help you with that!

To begin, start by running a new query with an ideal keyword, location and mobile/desktop version combination. The idea is to pull live SERP results with pages that rank for the same keyword.

Once you open the query, you should see the top 50 URLs that rank for the same keyword.

Now it’s time to add your URL for comparison! Simply copy and paste your URL into the field “Compare your website to competitors” then click “Compare”. It only takes a few seconds for Surfer to load the page and viola!

Once the URL finishes loading, you should be able to see your page metrics like the content score and domain score. You can also include your page in the chart so you can see a graphical representation of how different ranking factors on your competitors’ URLs compare to yours.

Please note that when you open a new Search Analysis, all competitors are selected so the first thing you’ll need to do is remove them all and start to select your competitors one at a time. You can read our article about “How to choose competitors” for more information about that.

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