Help! I deleted my work from Content Editor! 😭

Did you ever make the mistake of deleting the whole paragraph from your article? Or maybe after adding some heavy changes, you realized that this is not the right direction and you desperately need to bring back the previous version?

With our Version History feature, you will be able to bring back your past versions with a few quick clicks. Let’s talk about it. 🤩

Where I can find my Version History?

On your Content Editor draft, you can either:

  • Click the three dots icon and select the “Version History” option

  • or click on the banner at the bottom of the page saying “Synced x minutes ago

On the right side panel, you will be given a list of the article's versions, separated per day and editing time.

Click on the desired version to preview it. If you found the right one, remember to click the "Restore" button at the top of the Editor to save changes.

Here is our tutorial:


1. Who is able to access my history and bring back previous drafts?

Owner and members of the organization who have access to the main draft. Version History won’t be available for those opening the drafts via shareable links.

2. How often is my draft saved?

Your draft is constantly synced, but new backup versions are created with a slight delay. Give us a minute, and a new backup version will be available right there in your history. If the backup was not saved instantly, add extra space or a word to your content - that should trigger a new backup creation.

3. Do I need to save my draft manually?

No need to press any “Save” button! As mentioned above, all your changes are saved automatically, but creating a backup version takes some time.

4. How long do you store previous versions of my content?
Backups for each draft are stored for up to 30 days. If a certain restore point is older than 30 days it will be automatically removed. This means that Editors that had no changes made within the last 30 days will only have 1 backup version - which is the one containing the current draft.

5. Are my previous settings in Customization Panel restored as well?

No, such configurations won’t be restored and will stay the same regardless of the version you brought back.

For example, if you have made any changes in the Competitors or Terms to use section, those won’t be changed after you will restore a previous draft.

6. Will this feature work for Google Docs/WordPress extensions? Will I be able to see it in Surfer’s sidebar on Jasper?

No, this feature will be added only to the initial Content Editor in our application. Google Documents, WordPress, and Jasper have their own features in regard to document history, so you can come back to previous versions at any time using their solutions.

7. I can't find a specific backup in Version History

Besides saving your drafts in our online database we try to save your progress within browser cookies. That being said, if you opened a draft on another computer and your content is missing - please try opening Editor from the machine and browser you used to edit it with previously. In such instances - Version History should have more restore points.

If you lost your content written in Surfer's Content Editor, please reach out to us via our live chat or at [email protected], and we'll try and locate the backup for you.

To restore your content, we will need some additional info about this query - please attach the URL you'd like to get restored and mention the approximate word count or time you finished editing (GMT+0) so our team can locate it in our system.

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