Surfer currently offers three tiers of the paid plans: Basic, Pro, and Business.

You can pay monthly or, with a 17% discount, annually. The difference in pricing reflects how often you can use our tools. Your allotment is communicated as credits, which renew monthly.

Users can earn additional credits by performing a series of tasks and sending proof to Surfer Support. Each completed task earns an additional credit associated with their account, increasing their allotment for the entirety of their Surfer membership.

Crucially, all plan tiers allow access to the same suite of tools. Addons like the ability to invite team members, the ability to apply white labeling, and access to Surfer’s API are useful additions, but their absence won’t hinder you from making top SEO-friendly content! For those that require access even greater than what is available at the Business plan level, our sales department can create a custom plan to suit your needs.

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