How long are the discounts valid for?

If you buy a monthly plan, discounts are valid for the next 6 months (until May 2022). If yearly – it's a fixed 30% for the entire year (plus the standard discount available for the annual plan, so in total it's 42% off)

When does the promotion end?

On Tuesday at 8 AM UTC.

How much will I save?

Will I be able to upgrade my plan with the discount in the future?

Yes, and you are more than welcome to do so!

When do you plan to add these extra perks from the game to my account?

Unlimited seats, NLP in the basic plan, and extra CE + Audit credits will be added immediately after achieving the given level. If the community reaches level 5, we will build, and introduce AI Writing Assistant as soon as possible. No later than Q1 2022!

Who will get the perks?

Everyone who will have an active subscription by the end of Cyber Monday (29th Nov 23:59 PST).

How long can I keep the perks from the Black Friday Frenzy Game?

They will be available as long as you have an active Surfer subscription.

What's the AI-Writing Assistant you mention in level 5?

It's a writing assistant which will help you write content FAST.

How do we get more points in the Black Friday Frenzy community game?

Every new subscription or upgrade (including upgrades to annual plans) will be counted as a point. The more people who join the frenzy, the better the perks!

I bought/upgraded my plan, what else can I do to earn more points?

You can let your network know all about it! Share this page on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform!

I am on the legacy plan, can I use this discount?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to upgrade your legacy plan with a 30% discount.

How long will this promotion last?

From November 25th until November 29th (end of day on Cyber Monday)

Who can participate?


What will happen to my unused credits if I upgrade now?

We will add them to your account limit. :-) You won’t lose anything!

Does the Money-back guarantee work during Black Friday?

Yes, of course! If Surfer isn’t what you expected it to be, or you've just changed your mind, let us know within 7 days, and we’ll give you a full refund. No ifs! No buts! If 7 days isn't enough time to get to know Surfer fully, you can extend the money-back guarantee to 30 days by simply sharing your feedback with us on how we can make Surfer even better!

I am on the Jarvis deal subscription, will I keep NLP credits when upgrading to the annual Basic Promo with a 30% discount?


Can I combine the standard annual plan discount with Black Friday Frenzy discounts?

Of course! Our standard discount for annual plans is 17% (two months free). If you upgrade, you'll receive an extra 30% discount thanks to Black Friday Frenzy! In total, you'll save 42% (5 months free)!!

What's the prize for unlocking level 6?

The Surfer team will randomly select 3 people (one out of each plan — Basic, Pro, Business) that will get a lifetime deal from us. Everybody who has a subscription running participates in the draw.

Additionally, we will extend the 30% discount by additional 3 months for everybody that purchased one of our Black Friday deals.

I'm on the Jarvis promo plan. Will I be able to participate in the draw?

Sure! We'll treat every Basic promo plan as a standard Basic plan, so you'll be able to get the LTD as well.

Where's the AI Writing Assistant you promised during the Black Friday Frenzy?!?!

Our team of developers is working hard so that we can release this awesome update for you in Q1 of 2022! We want it to be just right so, unfortunately, rushing it isn't an option. No one wants a tool that doesn't work, right!? Sit tight; we're on it! Thanks for your patience. Good things come to those who wait!

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