Black Friday 2021 - FAQ

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How long were the discounts valid in 2021?

If you bought a monthly plan, discounts were valid for 9 consecutive months (until August/September 2022).

If yearly โ€“ it was a fixed 30% for the entire year (plus the standard discount available for the annual plan, so in total it's 42% off)

What were the 'BF perks' in 2021?

Perks were additional bonuses that we gave to everyone who participated in our promotion. The more BF deals we sold, the more perks were unlocked!

The perks from last year were: Unlimited organization seats, NLP in the basic plan, extra CE + Audit credits, and extending the discount from 6 months to 9 months.

Who got the perks?

Everyone who had an active subscription by the end of Cyber Monday (29th Nov 23:59 PST).

How long can I keep the perks from the Black Friday Frenzy Game?

They will be available as long as you have an active Surfer subscription.

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