Can I perform keyword research based on competitors?
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Yes, you will find it in SERP Analyzer, Keywords tab under the chart.

Keywords tab in SERP Analyzer - Common Ranked Keywords

Direct competitors are a great source of inspiration for keywords. Run a SERP Analyzer to get information about real-time data about SERP and keywords that are commonly ranked by these pages.

The data is available in the Keywords tab below the chart.

The table has four columns:

  • top 10 similar keywords - a bit more data handy, check Similar Keywords to the keyword

  • overlapping pages - number of competitors ranking for a keyword,

  • search volume,

  • relevance - metric based on traffic and search volume, sorts keywords by the practical value they bring.

The table contains keywords that are the most commonly ranked by the top 20 competitors.

You can adjust competitors.

Compare the list with your Search Console Export, and you have it - quick and easy gap analysis.

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