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SERP Analyzer additional features explained.

Scroll down below the chart, you will see a set of tabs that can serve you in Keyword Research, Semantic Analysis, and Linkbuilding.

1. Keywords

This tab in Surfer's interface is a real goldmine and is often missed. It can dramatically grow your keyword list, and it’s all based on competitor data.

It shows you common ranked keywords of your competitors' pages with their search volume and relevance. You can reveal the list of the top 10 similar keywords connected to the suggestion.

If your rivals created content for a keyword that they find relevant to their audience, chances are you should aim for it as well.

Tip: For keywords with the most overlapping pages, consider targeting them with one page. From the example above, you could probably pick a few queries to target with just one article, right?

2. Questions

Surfer analyses similar keywords looking for questions there.

Researching them is especially helpful if your website offers guides, definitions, and other roundup-style pages. These questions are sorted by the number of overlapping pages, the more overlapping pages (20 is max), the higher chance to rank these keywords together.

Tip: Very often, questions are also great keywords for you to use on your page. Consider adding them as headings or a part of your paragraph to get additional traffic.

3. Popular Words & Popular phrases

This data shows you the frequently used words and phrases based on the data from the top-ranking SERPs with their exact count and density.

4. Common Words & Common phrases

If you wish to see which words and phrases are the most common within the top 10 of SERPs, This tab presents you with this including the exact number of pages that have used those words and phrases.

5. Prominent words and phrases

Words and phrases that are present in both - common words and common phrases lists.

6. Common backlinks

In this tab, you can check the common backlinks for the top-ranking pages and use the list as an action plan for your link-building efforts.

We show you any backlink from a domain (not a specific URL on the site) that your competitors share. It’s a minimum of 3 competitors in the top 20.

We’ve found that if your competitors have a link here, there’s a good chance you can replicate this and get a link too.

Unlike the rest of the tool, this data relies on a 3rd party database that isn't updated live.

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