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Analyzing different ranking factors can help to discover trends or correlations for analyzed keywords.

Trends will tell you what kind of on-page optimization is noticeable for the top 50 search results and the data is presented in a chart.

Surfer provides over 500 ranking factors in combinations of specific page elements like title, headings or paragraphs content with modifiers available below the chart - outside links toggle that can include or exclude anchors from analyzed content.

Browse the tree menu on the left to find the factors that you want to display on the chart.


It can be a real time-saver when it comes to deciding on what factors are worth improving and which ones have a little effect on the rankings.

Surfer provides you with an analysis of the following factors:

  • Search visibility

Check whether the number of ranked keywords or estimated traffic affects the search visibility of a page. Data comes from our database.

  • Backlinks

You're still new and don't have enough backlinks to prove your credibility? Check how important those are if you want to rank for his keyword.
Unlike the rest of the tool, this data relies on a 3rd party database that isn't updated live.

  • Structure

A complete breakdown of the HTML. Separated into more precise categories helps you to see the difference that the number of characters, the amount of hidden text, or exact keywords can make. It includes analysis of query words, titles, strong/b usage, paragraphs, IMG alt tags, links, and many more.

  • Quality

Is the quality of top SERPs a critical factor when it comes to the ranking? Surfer gives you a summary of their page speed determinants and an overview of their structured data.

  • Media

Take a look at this factor and see whether Google prefers to rank the best pages that are more about images and less about the text.

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