When you are running your Audit query, Surfer is crawling your and your competitors' pages.

To make it easier for you when it comes to track your changes and updates, we introduced the Refresh button.

Clicking it will cause Surfer to re-crawl your page* so you will see what is the progress.

*Please note that it will not cause Surfer to re-crawl your competitor's pages.

After the refresh will be completed (It should take up to a few minutes to load) your Last updated at date will change accordingly and your suggestions will reflect on the changes you made on your page between running your initial query and refreshing the Audit.

The button is available both in the main link and in the shareable one.


"I applied some of the suggestions but Surfer does not see it after refreshing"

There may be a few reasons behind it:

Content was hyperlinked: If you added some suggested keywords and increased the number of images please check if those are not hyperlinked. Anchored content is not calculated towards the score, which is why your changes

Lazy loading was applied: Lazy loading is a feature that is great for increasing your page's performance - but it will also cause bots like ours not to be able to see the whole content upon crawling.

Internal link on the wrong page: Some users are applying internal linking suggestions on the audited page, whereas internal links should point from links on the list to the audited page.

There is a caching issue on your site: If you can confirm that the factors above are not present, there may also be a caching issue on your site. Try clearing the cache on your website and refresh it again. Depending on the environment you have, this can be the site, the page, the CDN (If you are using one, like Cloudflare), or a setting on your server.

Some WordPress plugins are aggressive and prevent our crawler from seeing the new version of the site. If you're not sure how to clear cache from your website correctly, contacting your hosting provider might be worth trying.

Sorry, we can’t be any more specific, but unfortunately, every website and the plugins, hosting, and settings they are using are different.

If the audit doesn’t update, in general, it means that your website is somehow cached. We use 100% fresh servers to check your website after you hit refresh and we do the best effort to avoid caching, but sometimes, especially if you have a CDN or website performance plugin (like WPRocket), stale content could be served.
We know it’s not ideal, but on the other hand, if Surfer doesn’t see updates it means that Google and your customers may not see it either.

There is one trick you can do though that should force your CDN to serve fresh content - append a random parameter to your URL. For example, if you audit example.com/some-article, try example.com/some-article?random=4810472946901 (or some other random numbers).

That being said, it’s definitely an issue on our radar and we want to figure out something better, but we don’t want to compromise the “audit is what Google sees, not what you see” idea.

Are you still having problems?

Contact us at [email protected] if clearing cache does not solve this problem. We will be happy to help you further with that.

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