How to share Content Editor guidelines with others?
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There are a few different ways to share Content Editor guidelines with a copywriter or your SEO fellow.

Keep reading to find out how each method works!

1. Sharing via private link (

The private link is the URL copied directly from your browser. Only you and people within your Surfer Organization can access the draft through this link. Also, a Surfer login is required.

2. Sharing via a shareable link (…)

Anyone with this link can access the Editor and no login or organization membership is required. To generate such a link, you will need to click the Share button on the Editor in question, click Copy link, and simply forward it to your colleague, writer, or friend.

Only one shareable link to a specific article can exist at a time - so if you want to take access through the previous link away, simply click the "Reset link" option, and a new one will be generated.

3. Sharing through Google Docs extension (…)

Install our Google Docs extension and share the linked document just like any other file from your Google Drive. Access control is done through Google - so any person with our Chrome extension installed will be able to see the Content Editor overlay after accessing the link. Access the Share menu on the Editor in question, click Create new Google Document, adjust sharing setting on your Google Drive and share it with your colleague.

After clicking this option Surfer's shareable link generated previously will be deactivated.

Once your account is connected to Jasper, you will not be able to get regular shareable links for Content Editors. You will see Jasper converted links instead.

If you would like to share your draft through a shareable link instead, you will need to disconnect Surfer from Jasper (in Jasper). Then you will be able to generate a shareable link or a Google Documents link.

5. Sharing through an offline text guide (.txt)

At Surfer - you can only have one public link to share at a time - for example, if you link a Content Editor query to a GoogleDoc - it will give you a new link and permanently invalidate the previous one. The only persistent link is the private link. (

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