On Surfer there are two types of NLP - one directly based on Google API and one made by us!

Google created the NLP algorithms for general purposes, while Surfer NLP is a little bit more SEO oriented. However, at Surfer, regardless of which group is your language in, both will support you in producing great content and help your page rank high.

Google NLP:

As the NLP features run in connection with Google's NLP API, we are only able to support the languages that the API supports, which are:

  1. English

  2. French

  3. German

  4. Italian

  5. Japanese

  6. Korean

  7. Portuguese

  8. Russian

  9. Spanish

  10. Simplified Chinese

  11. Traditional Chinese

For more information visit the Google Support site.

Surfer NLP:

We’ll gradually add the most frequently requested languages, but right now, the Surfer NLP is available in 4 languages:

  1. English

  2. Danish

  3. Dutch

  4. Polish

Additional resources:

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5. Surfer NLP vs Google NLP test

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