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Filtering, averages and other settings explained.

The first thing you see in SERP Analyzer is the main chart with "words" factor selected on the sidebar.

The chart shows you the correlation between the position in SERP (x-axis) and ranking factor. You can turn on factors on the sidebar to make them visible on the graph.

Some factors you may include in your analysis are:

  • Number of referring domains

  • Number of referring URLs

  • Number of words in body

  • Exact keyword density in body

  • Partial keywords density in body

  • Number of characters in title

  • Partial keywords count in title

  • Exact keywords in alt descriptions

  • Number of paragraphs

  • Page loading times

  • Structured data

  • Number of images

The chart is set by default to show average data (per 10 results).

Analyzing averages (per 2, 3, 5, or 10 results) will help you spot useful trends. Analyzing every page separately will help you notice deviations.

If you want to see each website one-by-one or look deeply on the TOP 10 performers, switch off the button.

Or set your own averages as presented below:

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