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1. How to enable NLP for my query?

2. NLP in SERP Analyzer

3. NLP in Content Editor

4. NLP in Audit

How to enable NLP for my query?

NLP is available for SERP Analyzer, Content Editor, and Audit. You don't have to turn it on manually. All you need to do is pick a location associated with one of the supported languages and this query will automatically be enhanced with NLP.

You should then see "NLP entities" next to the location of your query:

NLP in SERP Analyzer

NLP entities have been incorporated into the SERP Analyzer. You’ll find them in the True Density section where relevant phrases and words that have been labeled as NLP entities are marked with the NLP icon.

In terms of Sentiment, we use similar procedures to IBM Watson and measure the overall sentiment of page content.

If you're interested in finding out more about our decision to use IBM Watson for page sentiment, Slawek explains it in our article on NLP and on-page SEO.

NLP in Content Editor

All the calculations take place on the backend. In your Content Editor query, you will see a separate tab on your Terms to Use list – both on the right-side panel and in the customization tab.

TIP: NLP Entities help understand Google your content better, so it's highly recommended to use those terms in your content!

NLP in Audit

In Audit, on your Terms to use list, you will see an NLP tag next to some terms. For those terms, we will also label the sentiment (negative/neutral/positive)

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