Domain Planner allows you to figure out whether your page is considered for a featured snippet for a given keyword.

Once you created a query in the Planner, you’ll notice that all pages have “featured snippet” information:


Next to each page result, you can see information about your featured snippet status:

  • “No featured snippet” means that there is no featured snippet in the main keyword’s SERP. This means there’s no option for you (or anyone) to overtake the “0” position.

  • “Featured snippet with the red X” means that there is a featured snippet in the main keyword’s SERP, but you do not own it and you are not in the queue for the “0” position.

    This could mean your page ranks too low to be considered for the snippet, or your content is not in line with what Google wants.

  • “Featured snippet with the green checkmark” means that your page owns the featured snippet for the main keyword.

  • “Featured snippet with the yellow wrench” means that you’re very close to getting the featured snippet, and with some optimization, you can dethrone the current snippet owner.

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