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Directory of SEO Content Writers
Directory of SEO Content Writers
Join the directory and get more SEO oriented clients!
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1. What is the Directory of SEO Writers?

As we don't provide writing services ourselves, we want to bring Surfer-certified writers closer to people who do need this kind of service. That's why we came up with our Content Writers Directory.

We want to assure everyone looking to outsource their content will get the best possible content quality for the price. Therefore, all writers in our directory need to provide their Surfer Certification. That's the only requirement - other than that, our directory is open to all writers.

We also ask writers to provide basic information about their services, like the price, their status, and the languages they use in their work.

2. How to get listed there?

If you are a Surfer-certified writer, you will need to fill out a quick form and provide all of the required information, including a link to your Surfer Certificate. 

You don’t have the certificate yet? You can pass the official exam and get more details here.

If you want to add a custom photo for your Directory profile, follow these steps:

  1. Visit imgur

  2. Upload your photo or logo

  3. Click on the photo with the mouse's right button

  4. Select Open Image In New Tab

  5. Copy URL

  6. Paste the URL to the registration form

  7. That's it!

3. How to order content from the writers?

Surfer is just a middleman when it comes to the directory of writers, and we do not provide a channel of communication within our tool.

It's best to connect with writers via email or LinkedIn and agree on the final offer together. Especially make sure to define the following:

  • Scope of the project

  • Word count – it's good to agree on some ranges

  • Deadline

  • Number of reviews

❗Surfer is not responsible for the end result of your collaboration with writers. We do not charge writers to get listed in the directory, and we don't get any commission for a sale. Our team aggregates SEO writers in one place, so you can reach out to a few of them before you make any call and make an educated decision about your money allocation. Thank you!

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