Content Planner for the domain is the first tool on the market that helps you organize the content optimization process for your domain based on Google Search Console and Surfer content data.

Content Planner for the domain is a go-to tool if you want to:

  • Audit your domain and find pages that require content optimization

  • Identify featured snippet opportunities

  • Get Content Score for multiple pages from your domain

How to create a query in Content Planner for the domain

Step #1: Pick Content Planner from Surfer’s main navbar.


Step #2: Connect your Google Search Console

This step is optional but it will provide you with much more accurate data for your site. If you choose to create a Content Planner for the domain without GSC, the data will be provided from Surfer’s own database.

Google Search Console

Click the “Google Search Console is not connected” button.

You will have to go through the Google authentication process and give Surfer permission to see your Search Console data.

You can disconnect your Google account any time you want:


Step #3: Pick your domain and country.

Click on the “domain” button next to the search bar. Then click the URL field: you will see all the domains available for your Google account. Pick one.


Next, choose the country you want to run the audit for.

Finally, click “Create Domain Planner.”‍

Step #4: Get the data on your 100 hundred best-performing pages.


You can now analyze data points for all the pages: user intent, the presence of featured snippet, impressions, position, traffic, and monthly search volume.

Expanding each result will give you a list of keywords that your page is currently ranking for.


If you want to see this list for all the results instead of expanding one by one, just choose the “advanced view” option.


You can also easily set a Content Editor for each page and start improving your content right now.

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