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What should I do if my payment failed?
What should I do if my payment failed?
Updated over a week ago

We use Stripe to process your payments. It’s an international payment gateway used by Amazon, Wix, or Hubspot.

If you’re not sure if we accept your card type, here is a detailed list of payment forms accepted by Surfer.

Payment error codes

Every error code you see on Surfer is a direct response from your bank. The most common reasons are:

  • Your card doesn’t support this type of purchase. It’s a generic code so if you’re sure that payment should be supported, please reach out to your bank for more details.

  • The CVC code you’ve entered is incorrect.

  • Insufficient funds, but also when the amount in the checkout is higher than the limits on your card.

  • Temporary errors that occurred while processing your payment. Try again and if it doesn’t help, reach out to your card issuer for more information.

How to proceed if your payment failed & the error code seems incorrect

Sometimes you might get an error code that seems incorrect (e.g. insufficient funds). You’re sure it works - you’ve paid with that card everywhere on the internet, but it gets declined in the checkout on Surfer.

Because Stripe handles payments for us, it’s also responsible for the connection between Surfer and your bank. It works like a telephone - sending out messages from one person to another.

Error codes in the checkout are the ones your bank responded with. If you feel that the code seems incorrect, you would need to reach out to your bank to investigate it further.

What are the most popular payment decline reasons & how to handle them

Surfer is based in Poland, and we’ve noticed that some banks block our customers’ payments because of that. Don’t worry - they are just probably being careful. Try reaching out to them - usually, they would unblock the payment on demand.

Some payment failures are caused by incorrect data in the checkout. Double-check if it matches, especially if you’re getting the incorrect cvc error.

If you feel you’ve tried everything but the payment is still unsuccessful, do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or through the live chat. We will be happy to help you with that!

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