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New UI and convenient features for Outline Builder

In this article you will find out:

What is Outline Builder?

Outline Builder consists of proposed headings and unique paragraphs generated based on competitors’ content. You can copy-paste the content right to your Content Editor, expand it, and hit a high content score much faster if you use the right sections.


Go through the list and click on sections to paste them into the editor. Prepare a content-rich outline for your writer in minutes.

Headings are available for all languages, but unique paragraphs of content work in:

  • English

  • Polish

  • German

  • Dutch

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Swedish

  • Danish

The outline is generated based on the 5 competitors with the highest Content Score. It means that the more you fit into the search intent, the better the outline gets.

You can find competitors by either clicking the cog icon or below the Notes in the Brief. You can customize notes in the modal that shows up after clicking the cog icon.

The last section of Outline builder contains topics and questions scraped from People Also Ask. Also, it gives you answers to these questions!

Improvements to Outline Builder 2.0

We improved the AI content tool in Surfer. Here is what we added:

  • highlighting recommended terms to use in generated content,

  • subheadings are nested under headings to help you keep the logical structure

  • pasting only a heading or paragraph instead of the whole section

  • smooth UI and cleaner naming (Titles, Headings, and Subheadings)

  • content is based on selected competitors.

  • all competitor headings can be entered into the article body at once.

We still can't generate paragraphs for all languages, but you get all competitors' headings now in two places.


* NEW * Insert Headings!

We have now made creating your article even easier by updating the Headings feature in the Content Editor. How? By inserting your Headings right away to the Content Editor with just one click!

These Headings are scraped from the keyword(s) you chose and the competitors that you have selected. They come from the top Heading topics of your competitor pages and they will also include some of the keywords that are recommended for your article.

Headings are listed in order of relevance and once added, you can go through and remove the ones that you are not going to work on in your article. As these are added directly from the competitors and are not AI-edited content, it is suggested that you add your own touch to them to be unique in your content.

You will still get AI-created content for the paragraphs listed under the headings in the Content Editor Outline if you are using one of the supported languages. If your language is not supported you will still be provided with the Heading suggestions.

How do I use this option?

You can enter the Headings in 4 ways into your article:

1. The first is you will see this icon in the body of the article where you can click and it will insert all of the Headings directly into the article for you. Please keep in mind this option will appear only for empty editors.

2. The second way is to click where it shows “Start writing or type a slash/”. Next you will need to select “Insert outline (heading)” option.

3. You can also use the below icon in the menu to insert your headings:

4. The last option is to go to the Content Editor Outline and go click on “Headings”, you can click on each one that is relevant to you and add to your article.

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