New UI and convenient features for Outline Builder

We improved the AI content tool in Surfer. Here is what we added:

  • highlighting recommended terms to use in generated content,

  • subheadings are nested under headings to help you keep the logical structure

  • pasting only heading or paragraph instead of the whole section

  • smooth UI and cleaner naming (Titles, Headings, and Subheadings)

  • content is based on selected competitors.

We still can't generate paragraphs for other languages, but you get all competitors' headings in one place.


The outline builder is the most advanced part of the Brief. It consists of proposed headings and unique paragraphs generated based on competitors’ content. You can copy-paste the content right to the editor, expand it, and hit a high content score much faster if you use the right sections.


Go through the list and click on sections to paste them into the editor. Prepare a content-rich outline for your writer in minutes.

Headings are available for all languages, unique paragraphs of content work in English only. The outline is generated based on the competitors selected in the Content Editor customization, by default it is top 5 by Content Score. You can find competitors by either clicking the cog icon or below the Notes. You can customize notes in the modal that shows up after clicking the cog icon, nothing new here.

The last one contains topics and questions scraped from People Also Ask. Our goal in the next iteration is to give you answers to these questions!

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