In this article, you will learn the most common issues that can occur when running a Domain Planner query.

Since Surfer relies on the connection with your Google Search Console in such queries, the possible failure reasons are most likely related to issues with data fetching.

1. Finalizing the Google Search Console connection error

If you encounter this error saying you can't finalize your Google Search Console connection, there are some simple steps you can follow to resolve it!

  1. Click on the 'Manage third-party access' button; it's at the bottom of the 'Third-party apps with account access' section

  2. You'll find Surfer along with any other third-party apps or sites you've given access to some of your Google account data

  3. Click the blue 'REMOVE ACCESS' button, then return to the Surfer Dashboard and try connecting your Google Search Console again! Make sure to give Surfer proper permissions:

Learn more about how to manage third-party apps & services with access to your Google account here.

2. Restricted access to the domain.

a) Domain not verified within Google Search Console

Please check if you have that domain/page verified correctly in the Google Search Console. You might have it added but not verified yet, and therefore we can’t access any data.

Learn more about verifying your domain in the Search Console.

b) Not enough permissions given

There are several levels of access you can set within the Google Search Console. For the integration to run on Surfer, you need to have the highest level of ownership so we can fetch the data for you.

Learn more about owners, permissions, and users in the Search Console.

3. No data from Google Search Console.

a) New domains

If your domain is new, it could be that the Google Search Console does not have any data for it yet.

b) A wrong country selected

If you’ve chosen a location you don’t have any visits from while running the query, Surfer won’t get any data from your Search Console, and therefore we won’t be able to set up the Domain Planner.

4. Not enough data from Google Search Console

If your domain is new or you’re just starting to get visitors from a specific location, it could be that we’re able to fetch the data, but it’s not sufficient to provide you with clusters.

Should you still experience any problems, we highly recommend disconnecting your Google Search Console from Surfer and then connecting it again. Sometimes, the simplest turn-off-turn-on can work wonders!

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