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Learn about the limitations to our non-credited tools

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SERP Analyzer, Keyword Research, and Domain Planners are available without any credits, but those tools are subject to this Fair Use Policy. We want to keep delivering the best possible value to all of you, and we would like to ask you to use Surfer fairly. This helps us continue to offer a great tool at an affordable cost to everyone.

Please find some guidelines below on what “fair” means to us:
✅ All the intentional output generated by humans is allowed and covered in fair use. It includes generating new queries, that you are going to use for your work or hobby; or generating them for educational purposes.
✅ Sharing a single user account across a few people within a single organization.
❌ Generating a high volume of queries with the help of scripts or automation tools does not fall within fair use.
❌ Spending a whole day on the manual creation of random queries (without the necessity of using them) just to test Surfer’s performance does not fall within fair use.

In general, Surfer is a content intelligence platform made for humans, to support them in delivering the best, most relevant content and raising the quality of the web. As long as you use Surfer with a purpose other than killing our infrastructure - it is fair.

Note: When we spot the use of automated scripts, which means generating a high level of traffic not achievable with human hands, we may temporally or permanently disable the user’s account.

Surf responsibly! 🏄‍♂️

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