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Running short on credits this month? Or maybe your billing year comes to an end and you need just  a few more before it renews? Participating in our Giveaway allows you to gain up to 10 single-use Content Editor credits.

... and if you're extra determined to complete all the tasks we prepared, on top of that, you can also gain a Surfer AI credit!

There are 5 tasks we have prepared for you and every task has an equivalent number of credits that can be added to your account permanently. 

How to participate?

1. Complete one or more of the following tasks:

  • Attend Surfer Academy Training Live; (+2 CE per training / max 6 CE)

  • Share the results you get with Surfer; (+2 CE) - We’re looking for mini case studies, numbers, screenshots, and concrete outcomes of using Surfer — and not just general opinions or reviews. Please attach proof of those results (GSC, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics screenshots are the best!). You can publish it on the platform of your choice, but please make sure it is publicly accessible. Try tagging us by using @surferseo! Then, send us a link or screenshot, and we will grant you 2 Content Editor credits.

2. Then, send us a screenshot(s) with proof at [email protected] or via our live chat.

3. Wait for the verification and confirmation from our Support team

If you completed all tasks, on top of the 10 Content Editors earned, you can request us to add a single Surfer AI credit or additional 5 Content Editors!


Who can participate in the Giveaway?

Owners of active Surfer accounts can participate in the giveaway. Members or users without the subscription cannot participate in the giveaway. This applies to all pricing models.

Can I gain extra credits for the organization I am a member of?

The extra credits can be applied only to your personal, active Surfer account. If you're a member of an organization without your own an active subscription, unfortunately, you won't be able to join in on the giveaway.

Is there a cap on the Content Editor credits I can get?

Yes, even though all tasks combined are worth 14 Content Editor credits, the maximum credit count gained through Giveaway is 10 CE and 1 AI. If you work in the language that does not have Surfer AI support yet, please reach out to our support team for equivalent in Content Editor credits (5).

Do credits gained through Giveaway renew each month/year?

No - Giveaway credits are for single-use only.

I'm on an annual plan, does that make a difference?

No - both monthly and annual subscribers are subject to the same set of rules & will receive the same amount of single-use credits.

What happens to unused Giveaway credits?

Just like normal credits, unused Giveaway Editors are lost with the end of your billing period and cannot be rolled over. That being said, we recommend requesting topping up your account when you're at 0 or close to 0 with your current limit.

Surfer AI credit does not have an expiration date, so you don't have to worry about it!

I participated in the Giveaway in the past, can I still get more credits?

If you are a legacy user who took part in the Giveaway in the past, you can participate in our current Giveaway. However, it's imporant to note that the rules of our 2022 Giveaway were slightly different. Most important differences are:

  • There is now a limit of how many credits can be claimed (up to 10 CE + 1 AI or up to 10 CE + 5 CE)

  • Gained credits are single-use and do not renew with your plan

  • You can only gain credits for your own, active account

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