This article is mostly about our current plans. If you are on a legacy plan, you should check out this article as well!

1. What is a legacy plan?

Legacy plans are subscriptions created before the current pricing release. Our last Pricing update took place in September 2021. If you are a legacy user, you can keep your old plan for as long as you want.

2. What plans are currently available?

We are currently offering one free plan (Freemium) and a few paid plans (Basic, Pro, Business, Business+).

3. The limits of the biggest plan are not enough for my needs, how can I get something even bigger?

If none of the plans suit you, request a call with our sales here or reach out to our Support team for assistance.

4. What is the difference between a free and a paid plan?

A Freemium plan will only give you access to Grow Flow.

With one of our paid plans, you will not only get access to Grow Flow but also credit-limited access to Audit and Content Editor, unlimited access to Keyword Research and SERP Analyzer, and the ability to add members to your organization.

5. How can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your subscription from the billing section, under the Upgrade plan button. Upgrades are prorated, meaning that your total will be discounted by the amount of unused time on your current plan.

Note: when upgrading an annual subscription, your billing period will reset, meaning that you will be paying for a whole new year of subscription, starting at your upgrade date. The upgrade price will take into account the time left on the previous yearly subscription and discount your upgrade price accordingly.

Downgrades require Support team assistance - feel free to reach out to us via chat or at [email protected]!

6. I have some Content Editor credits from the giveaway or other promotions, what will happen with them if I cancel and then come back?

Starting a new subscription, you will no longer have the limit increased, but you can simply reach out to our Support team, explain that you participated in the giveaway in the past and we will be happy to bring your permanent credits back!

7. Can I share my login credentials with my colleagues?

You can use our Organization feature for convenience and safety, but of course, you can also share your login credentials if this is more convenient for you.

8. What happens with my work if I will cancel my subscription?

Without an active subscription, your account will be turned into Freemium automatically - meaning that you will no longer have access to your previous queries.

We are not removing the query history so if you will decide to reactivate your subscription with us, you will regain access to your past work.

9. I need to update my country/add a Tax ID but the option is greyed out.

To avoid misuse, changing the country or the Tax ID requires the Support team's assistance. Feel free to reach out to us!

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