Customization panel

Once you chose your keyword and location, you enter the customization panel. This is where you prepare guidelines for your content before you start writing. It contains following sections:

  • Pages to include

  • Content structure

  • Terms to use in the content

  • Topics and questions to answer

  • Notes

Pages to include

By default, Surfer outlines suggestions based on top five pages from SERP.

Depending on what content type you serve on your page, you may want to include pages with similar user intent. If you're writing an article, add other articles to your analysis.

The URLs are also enriched by numbers like: domain traffic, URL traffic, and word length.

Content structure

In this section, you can customize the number or words (or characters if you prefer). The default value is based on the pages you picked in the previous step.

The number of headings, paragraphs, bold words, and images is also based on your organic competitors and the density on those elements on their pages.

If you change the word count, the preferred number of those elements will change so their density will stay the same.

Terms to use in the content

Next, you can customize the words to use in the content. Once you finish the customization, Surfer will enrich those phrases with the number of times each term should be used based on True Density.

  • Most important terms—main keyword and partials

  • Secondary keywords—phrases you want to rank for. By clicking "Add term" you can add phrases that are your opportunity for additional organic traffic

  • Prominent terms—phrases that Surfer recommends to use so you rank for your keyword. The list is based on common words and popular phrases among your organic competitors you included in the analysis. Think of them as must haves.

  • Other terms—those are less relevant words as they appear fewer number of times.

A word may be listed in "Prominent terms" or "Other terms" depending on density of them inside competitors' content. The longer your content, the more words go to the Prominent terms.

You can add or remove words from the list by clicking them.

Topics and questions to answer

Adding new topics and questions is a hint for a writer (or yourself) what to focus on in the article.

The suggestions are connected to your main keyword and are based on what people ask Google.


The last part of the customization panel is the "notes" field. The content of this field is up to you. For example, you can add information about:

  • deadline

  • client's name

  • links to some benchmark article

  • name of the assignee

  • content tone

  • content form