Chrome extension (beta)

Chrome extension for Content Editor is currently in closed beta, exclusively for Surfer's subscribers.

This extension powers up Google Docs with the guidelines from Surfer’s Content Editor.

Content Editor integration with Google Doc

With the Content Editor extension for Chrome, you can share your guidelines with a copywriter through Google Docs link, and save content directly on Drive.

This is a beta version, available exclusively for Surfer’s subscribers who signed up to beta tests via landing page:

As a tester, you can create guidelines inside the app, connect your query to a doc, and write an awesome piece of content receiving instant feedback on your optimization level.

How to use the extension?

Step 1: If you signed up for beta tests, you received an email with the link to the extension. Install the extension in your browser.

Step 2: Send the extension link to your writers and contributors who will use Surfer in their docs. They don’t have to have Surfer’s account, but they have to install the plugin.

Step 3: Create a query in Content Editor (or open an existing one)

Step 4: Customize the guidelines just as usually.

Step 5: Finalize the customization and connect your Google account with Surfer.

Step 6: Once it's done, you'll see "Create new Google document" in all your Content Editor queries. Click the button and you'll get a link to Google Doc connected with this query

Step 7: Open the link and start writing or share the doc with a writer. From now on you can write inside Google.

The content in Content Editor and Docs will synchronize. However, it is recommended to avoid editing the same content inside Content Editor and Google Docs simultaneously.

To make sure your file is saved in the right place, go to File -> Move, and choose the right destination of the doc.