How to run an Audit

Audit is a predefined set of factors that compares top 5 pages* to any page you want. It will tell you where you are off and how to fix it.

*you can compare how many pages you want. Lear more about excluding pages from analysis:

Audit consists of a segments which group factors:

  • True Density (click to read more)

  • length,

  • exact keywords,

  • partial keywords,

  • page structure (number of elements),

  • meta,

  • TTFB,

  • load time.

👉 Check an example audit here.

One of the most useful metrics in here is the content length in body. Please note, that Surfer takes into account all words, including comment section or text hidden in modals or JavaScript.

True density is the most important thing in audit. It will tell you which terms you are missing as well as over-optimized. The first actionable task to start optimization is there.

True Density

Surfer audit will warn you or show an error when audited page is way off the competitors pages. Fix your warnings and errors to raise performance of your content.